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Responsive Website Design and Development

Customers want to know more about your company and what it has to offer.

Your website is an important marketing tool to generate revenue, reduce costs, and provide self-service capabilities. The right website design will establish a presence on the web, build a reputation, and establish credibility for your business. Your website will often be the first impression a potential customer has of your company; let Brave River’s experienced web designers and developers ensure that it’s a good one.

Whether you are looking to provide users with information, engage the user in an interactive experience, or sell products and services online, Brave River’s team of Rhode Island web designers and developers can help you create a high-quality, mobile friendly website that meets your unique business needs. Plus, we'll build your website on a scalable architecture to support the growing needs of your business.

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INFORMATIONAL - An informational website built by Brave River’s web designers and developers functions as a virtual brochure for your company, and serves as a critical marketing tool. Our intuitive, do-it-yourself content management system allows you to update or change your site’s content without the need or expense of a programmer.

INTERACTIVE - In addition to the standard features of our informational websites, we offer interactive components to transform your site into a dynamic business tool. Choose from a variety of optional plug-in accelerators to increase your website’s functionality and enhance user experience.

eCOMMERCE - Our web designers can create a scalable online storefront for your business to provide customers with 24/7 access to your products and services.

RESPONSIVE DESIGN - For a website that looks its best on all devices - whether mobile or desktop -  Brave River Solutions uses responsive website design technology. Responsive design uses a fluid layout that flexes to fit the size of any screen, reducing the need for visitors to scroll, pan or zoom in order to read your content. Whether you're looking for a basic informational site or an eCommerce solution with all the bells and whistles, responsive design can help you put your best foot forward.

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In addition to our web design and development services, Brave River offers custom hosting and support plans for our clients. With our hosting packages, you can ensure that your site is up and running without the headaches of maintaining your own web server. Many of our plans include bundled programming support to help with minor programming changes. Highlights include:

  • Reliability & Scalability
  • Responsive Support Team
  • Optional 24/7 Monitoring


Quality website content is the difference between grabbing your reader’s attention and losing their interest. To help our customers effectively communicate their message to online readers, Brave River specializes in developing customized online content for the web. We’ll help you:

  • Create high-quality, professional copy
  • Deliver a focused message to a targeted group of users
  • Update and maintain content through ongoing or periodic support plans


Brave River’s Search Engine Optimization services help you increase your website’s visibility within search engines. We conduct research to identify the unique search terms and keywords that possess the highest potential for delivering qualified visitors to your site. Using this research, we’ll help you create content and meta tags that are optimized for keyword density.

Brave River Solutions uses responsive design. This approach adapts to various screen sizes by enabling text and images to resize and reorganize to properly fit a wide array of display dimensions. Here are a few key mobile technology stats according to Pew Internet Project’s research:

  • 90% of American adults carry a cell phone
  • 58% of American adults have a smart phone
  • 32% of American adults own an e-reader
  • 42% of American adults own a tablet computer

Additionally, 63% of users use their phones to go online and 34% go online with their phones primarily. These numbers are growing rapidly, which means catering to your users’ online experience by using responsive web design makes a lot of sense.


Is your website set up properly to attract customers who are searching for your products and/or services? Are your sales falling short because of website usability issues? Does your website accurately represent the way you want your business to be perceived?

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We’ll offer feedback relating to:

  • Design elements & usability
  • Functionality
  • Web Content: Is your message coming across with clarity?
  • Is the site up-to-date?
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Maximizing online marketing opportunities
  • New features that could improve your site

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