Advantages of Utilizing “The Cloud”

Computing “in the Cloud” is skyrocketing! As anyone in business will know, technology is ever-changing. Keeping up with the latest upgrades and security updates to your computer systems and software can be challenging. However, many of the concerns that come along with older technologies are now alleviated with cloud usage.

What is the Cloud?

“Working in the “Cloud” basically means the ability to run a program and/or store files online. The Internet is comprised of connected computers that can be utilized by many users at the same time. Internet users have actually been accessing cloud based services for years; web-based email, social media platforms, websites that offer photo sharing, and calendar applications are but a few examples. The workings of these applications are accessed on the network of the Internet, and not stored on local computers.

Now many of the everyday business applications we previously installed on our desktop and laptop computers are accessible “in the cloud”, available for an annual or monthly subscription fee. Your settings are saved, and your documents can be retrieved and edited from various devices.

Benefits of Using the Cloud

With working in the cloud, not only is there increased flexibility in how and when work can get done, but for businesses, IT costs are reduced. Local computers are no longer required on the premises to run the programs that employees use to accomplish tasks. With fewer computers in the office, there’s no need for licensing, upgrades and ongoing maintenance to support the equipment, programs and applications. With less dependency on an in-house IT department, outsourcing technology services can be considered to save money.

Additional Benefits include:

  • Eliminates a Paper Trail – No need to search around for or store hard copy document files.
  • Collaboration – Shared resources enhances workforce productivity.
  • Frees Up Space - Servers and digital storage devices require physical space to store databases and servers. Cloud computing allows companies the option of storing data offsite.
  • Automatic upgrades – Software updates and enhancements are covered on the cloud side.

In summary, the use of cloud computing is a growing trend for many industries and professionals, which brings up the issue of security.

File Cloud

Working on and storing files in the cloud has its advantages. However, like any new technological advancement, the use of cloud services also creates disruptive possibilities and potential risks. As cloud based services have evolved, security and privacy issues have become a priority for many professions.

To address these concerns, Brave River Solutions has developed a File-Cloud product that allows for web-based file sharing that is in compliance with SAS70 and HIPPA security regulations.

file cloud secure online storage by brave river

File-Cloud is an ideal solution for companies dealing with sensitive data, such as those involved with healthcare, accounting, and law. It offers comprehensive file and folder management, multiple permission levels, file encryption, and large file storage – for handling spreadsheets, databases, and multi-media documents, etc. Permissions can be easily assigned to employees and clients; companies can set appropriate access levels for a variety of workspaces, actions, and file classifications.

For more information about File-Cloud, you can visit our website site or you can reach us by phone at 401-828-6611.

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