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Capture Website Leads from Realtime Website Statistics

November 5, 2013

Have you ever wondered who is visiting your website and which pages of your website are getting the most traffic? Brave River's Visitor InSites can tell you just that! Visitor InSites is a website visitor tracking application developed by Brave River Solutions. It provides "Caller ID" for your website, allowing you to identify the company a visitor may be associated with, along with important details related to your website visitors' activity. Visitor InSites is an effective tool that can be used to cultivate and act upon valuable leads.


Visitor InSites is a cloud-based service that quickly installs on any website in a manner similar to Google Analytics. Statistics are available instantly, with no delay in processing, as the application begins gathering real-time data instantly upon installation. Your team can immediately see details about who has been on your site and who is visiting the site right now.

The product captures a wide range of information, including clicks, company and organization names, locations, and much more. Visitor InSites has the ability to integrate with most backend systems, features user-friendly interface, and offers plenty of filtering options to view and qualify genuine leads. Visitor Insites also logs each "real" (non-automated) and unique visitor that comes to your website.

This is a helpful tool for sales teams who can use information such as pages visited, referral sources, and time spent on each page to identify genuine leads and focus sales calls  specifically on identified areas of interest. Visitor InSites is a great way to capture leads that were previously left undiscovered.

Interested in visitor tracking for your website? Visit our website or contact us at or by phone at 1-888-828-8911, and get started turning your website traffic into valuable leads!

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