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CMS Explained - At Brave River Solutions, when we build a website -- new or redesigned -- it normally comes with a Content Management System (CMS).  Having a CMS enables businesses to easily update their website without any knowledge of coding. Anyone who can produce a document in a text editor such as Word, can easily utilize the functionality of a Brave River CMS.

Rather than risk inconsistencies and formatting errors, with a Brave River CMS, your website will retain a consistent look and feel throughout. Here are some added benefits:

  • Updates can be done anywhere, anytime with a web browser and an Internet connection, your website can be instantly updated.

  • Our CMS creates underlying code that is search engine friendly and optimized for performance and speed.

  • You'll have an intuitive interface that is easy to use -- not only for basic informational pages, but for news and press release pages, calendar events, photo galleries, etc.

  • Images and video are automatically sized and formatted to display properly.

  • Links can be applied to text and images to generate an email window or connect with other pages inside or outside of  your website.

  • Internal links adjust automatically throughout  your website --for example, if you rename a page, navigational links anywhere on your website linking to that page will be updated as well.

  • Access levels can be controlled -- for example, departments within an organization can be limited to update only their own content areas.

  • With our newly upgraded CMS, your content will be compatible on tablets and mobile devices, as well as desktop and laptop screens.

  • Your overall design can be updated anytime in the future, and previously loaded content will display properly within the new framework.

  • Sophisticated menu systems,  filtered search capabilities, social media integration, and other features are do-able and customizable.

BRS Commerce

Aside from the capabilities that come along with our standard CMS, an organization interested in implementing online shopping can benefit from the strength and flexibility of Brave River's eCommerce and shopping cart system, BRS Commerce.

For Brave River eCommerce projects, we combine our easy-to-use CMS with the added capabilities of BRS Commerce. This allows for a robust online storefront that has functionality for both B-2-B and B-2-C environments. BRS Commerce can work independently, or using our Integration Module, can optionally be tied into your ERP or other backend Order Management / Inventory system.

Whether your business needs a simple informational website or a fully integrated eCommerce platform, Brave River Solutions can help. Brave River is continuously enhancing our CMS and BRS Commerce products. This ongoing investment ensures that your site not only meets your current needs, but can keep pace with changes in technology or in your business environment.

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