Protecting Data in 2015

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Whether it's on your business computers and devices, your employees' tablets and smartphones, or with online business conducted on websites, ensuring that your technology is secure enough to protect stored information is in the forefront of the news today. It’s essential to proactively address security issues before they arise.

For industries that handle sensitive medical or financial information, data encryption is required. Frequently, regulations affecting these businesses require certain measures, such as compliance audits. Brave River routinely conducts these audits to comply with HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, PI, GLBA, and similar standards and regulations, as part of our IT Security Assessments.

It's not only large corporations or businesses within these fields that must focus on device security and protection of customer information; it's critical for small businesses as well. Many small businesses are targeted by data thieves because they lack the resources and expertise to effectively employ cyber security. Small business owners should have data policies for both physical and digital assets in place, and ensure that employees are properly trained on correct procedures.

The issue extends beyond your IT Department. In cases where employees work with customer information on laptops and/or mobile devices outside of your physical location, encryption and other practices can help protect against consequences that might occur should a device be lost or stolen.

Be prepared with a plan of action. Brave River conducts risk assessments and can help you develop security procedures. Proactive efforts taken now will save you in the long run, should any breach occur.

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