Server 2003 Ends Support

If your company has a server running any version of Windows Server 2003 Products and you don’t yet have a plan in place to upgrade your servers, you should take action now. Microsoft already ended mainstream support of WS2003 in 2010, and as of July 14, 2015 support will completely end for all versions of WS2003. This includes all versions of its 2003 designated products including Exchange, SharePoint and Small Business Server.

If you haven’t upgraded by now, you may not have enough time to migrate everything before the July 14 Windows Server 2003 end-of-life date. Your systems will likely function as usual, as end-of-life just means the end of support by Microsoft.

With that in mind, you’ll want to make arrangements to upgrade your Windows 2003 server software as soon as possible. Each day you continue using WS2003 beyond July 14, 2015 is a day that your business operation is at risk. Very soon, when that date arrives…

  • there will be no technical support from Microsoft,

  • no patches or security updates will be available,

  • for regulated industries, such as healthcare, banking, and insurance, compliance will be a definite concern.

Computer systems operating with unsupported software have far greater chances of being exposed to cybersecurity vulnerabilities -- such as viruses, malicious attacks or data loss. Additionally, as time goes on, users will also face compatibility problems with software and hardware.

Having an expensive legacy system to migrate can seem like a huge hassle, but in putting it off, your system gets further out of date, and the cost to modernize it later on will only increase. Keep in mind, the cost of maintaining a system that is outdated climbs, while its value remains flat.

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