AfterBurner Documentation


When you want to forward users and search engines from one URL to another, you will add a redirect.

To add a redirect:

  1. Click the Redirects menu item.
  2. Click the blue Add New Redirect button.
  3. This Add New Redirect pop-up will appear:

    The Add New Redirect pop-up

  4. In the Source Path field, enter the URL path that you want to redirect.
  5. In the Target field, enter the URL that you want users to be redirected to.
    1. When redirecting to an internal page – only input the URL path that resides after the host name. (e.g. /blog/blog-post/)
    2. When redirecting to an external page – enter the full URL (
  6. In the Redirect Type drop down field, you have two options:
    1. The default selection - Redirect Permanently - will permanently redirect traffic. 
    2. Selecting Redirect Temporarily will temporarily redirect traffic. This type of redirect is often used for website maintenance or a redesign.
  7. Click Save New Changes.