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  • AfterBurner Documentation

    Overview The Afterburner Content Management System (CMS) is a tool used to manage a website. With Afterburner, anyone with basic word-processing skills can create, manage, modify, and publish content. ...

  • Attributes

    Attributes Add a Custom Attribute To add a new custom attribute: Click the Attributes menu item. Click the blue Add New Attribute button. ...

  • Custom Fields

    Custom Fields Note: Adding custom fields will only be necessary when brought up by designer or project manager. To add a new custom field: Click the Custom Fields menu item. ...

  • Dashboard

    Dashboard After logging in you'll be brought to your Dashboard: The Dashboard From your Dashboard you can add a new page, add a new article, and add a menu. ...

  • Elements

    Elements Add Elements to Pages/Articles Page and Article Elements allow you to add content that is not in the main content area that you would otherwise include in your Page or Article content window. ...

  • Files

    Files Here is where you will upload and manage your online files. ...

  • Forms

    Forms This is where you can view all the form submissions from users on your website. View Form Submissions This is where you can view all the form submissions from users on your website. ...

  • Galleries

    Galleries Adding a gallery allows you to display several images at once. Create a Gallery To create a gallery: Select the Gallery menu item. Click the blue Add New Gallery button. ...

  • Images

    Images Upload an Image To add an image to a Page or Article: Ensure that you have saved it at the proper size and in correct file format. ...

  • Login

    Logging Into the Admin To login to your website: Type in your full URL followed by /admin. (For example - https://www.yoursite. ...

  • Pages & Articles

    Pages vs. Articles The two ways you can create content are with Pages and Articles. Creating and editing Pages and Articles are very similar. ...

  • Redirects

    Redirects When you want to forward users and search engines from one URL to another, you will add a redirect. To add a redirect: Click the Redirects menu item. Click the blue Add New Redirectbutton. ...

  • Sites

    Sites Create a New Site To create a new site: Click the Sites menu item. You will be brought to the Site Manager: Example of the Site Manager Click the blueCreate New Sitebutton. ...

  • Snippets

    Snippets Snippets are custom content blocks that can be used in the page content. You may want to use a snippet to include an address, phone number, and business hours across multiple pages. ...

  • Users

    Users There are 2 types of users on Afterburner websites: Admin and Super. ...

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