AfterBurner Documentation


Create a New Site

To create a new site:

  1. Click the Sites menu item.
  2. You will be brought to the Site Manager:

    Example of the Site Manager

  3. Click the blue Create New Site button. You'll be brought to this screen: 

    Example of creating a new site

  4. In the Name field, name your site. This is for your use only and is not published on your website.
  5. In the Primary Domain field, enter the domain of your website.
  6. The Site Security field will indicate whether your website has an SSL certificate installed. 
  7. In the Alternative Domains field, enter any domain that you want to be redirected to the primary domain. Click the blue Add button. 
  8. In the drop down selection above Theme, select the site's theme.
  9. In the Site Offline Message field, enter a message that you want to appear to users if you turn your site offline. Note: As long as you are logged in as an Admin, you will be able to browse your site, even when it is offline. 
  10. In the Google reCAPTCHA V3 field: 
    1. The Enabled field will indicate weather the reCAPTCHA is enabled. 
    2. In the Minimum Score field, input a minimum reCAPTCHA score of 0.5. 
    3. In the Site Key field, input the site key.
    4. In the Secret Key, input the secret key. 
  11. In the Header/Body/Footer Elements field, add any common site-wide elements to your site. These elements will be applied to all pages and themes.
    1. In the Header Elements field, enter any site-wide header elements that you want to apply.
    2. In the Body Elements field, enter any site-wide body elements that you want to apply.
    3. In the Footer Elements field, enter any site-wide footer elements that you want to apply. 
  12. In the Robots.txt field, you can configure how website crawlers browse and index your site.
  13. In the Activity window on the right:
    1. The green power button indicates that your site is online.
    2. Generate a sitemap with the blue Generate Sitemap button. Search engines use sitemaps to determine which pages to index. Keeping your sitemap files updated will ensure that search engines see the most current versions of your pages. 

Remove a Site

To remove a site:

  1. In the Site Manager, press the Edit button to the right of the site you want to remove.
  2. Click Remove.