Are Your Phone Books Ending Up in the Trash?

A shrink wrapped delivery of telephone books was dropped in the foyer of our office building last month. Dozens of people walked by the yellow books each day, but there they remained -- untouched until they were eventually picked up and brought to the recycling bin.

Not a single directory was taken. Clearly, with technology at our fingertips, our reliance on printed matter is waning. Are the Yellow Pages and similar directories in printed form doomed for extinction? We think so.

As web developers and e-marketers, we've had numerous inquiries in recent months from small businesses owners who are no longer willing to spend their marketing dollars on print media. How people get information in today's world is radically different than even just a few years ago. It's not cost effective, and it doesn't bring in so many calls anymore. Clearly, steadfastly adhering to old methods of advertising is not going to help your business grow and be successful in today's world.

Here are a few reasons for the shift in marketing dollars.

  • The money spent on a single display ad in the phone book can go a lot further with Online Marketing efforts.  Rather than having all of your eggs in one basket, resources can be focused where it makes most sense for your specific business needs -- finding the right balance of search engine optimization, blogging, and social media -- and of course, ensuring that your website has all bases covered with a professional appearance, up-to-date information, and calls to action.
  • With print media, you can spend a lot of money crafting an ad, only to find that you missed an important selling point or your competitor has done a better job -- and you have no opportunity to change direction. The ad has been published. Better luck next year. With online marketing, you can conduct A/B tests, monitor results, and tweak your efforts at any time.
  • In the phone book, so many business categories are heavily saturated. With the implementation of a smart SEO strategy focusing on long-tail keyword phrases, carefully planned search engine advertising, landing pages, email marketing lists, and, and more, you can target specific niche markets and segment your approach to various areas of your business.
  • Limited Reach. With the phone book, you pay to be placed in a directory servicing a limited geographic area. On the Web, your reach is worldwide. However...
  • Location based searches conducted on mobile devices offer huge advantages over printed directories. Google Places, Yelp, and smartphone applications such as our own Mobeo Mobile Directory offer geo-location search results. These results are relative to where the device being utilized for the search is physically located, delivering meaningful results nearest to the customer. Also, with online reviews and customer ratings, consumers can gather a great deal more information from their smartphones over traditional print directories.

These are prime examples of the power of the Internet in the palm of our hands. With technology, there are ongoing innovations and advancements. It happens at a pace and on a format that print media simply cannot compete with.Whatever your online marketing needs, Brave River Solutions can tailor a customized solution for your company. Request your FREE consultation today.

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