A Safer Web with TLS 1.3

A Safer Web with TLS 1.3

The web is on track to becoming a safer place. As per the announcement of the Internet Engineers Task force, TLS 1.3 will be the next major framework that allows for encrypted connections to be faster and more impervious to peeping hackers. Though it is only in the draft stage, there are many advantages to look forward to.

Important Changes to TLS

Version 1.3 of TLS will be coming along with numerous changes that will work to keep your online experience and the web much safer.

This version seeks to protect against hackers as well as enhance data exchange processes; here are a few things to expect.

  • Forward Secrecy – Keeping your data safe from hackers so they can’t scan for decryption keys to use at another time to ultimately decrypt others.
  • Minimal Handshake Data Transmission – Less information must be transmitted within the handshake, as encryption is now set to initiate earlier in the introduction of client and server.
  • Removal of Legacy Encryptions – Legacy encryptions have been removed due to their weaknesses, which hackers in the past had taken full advantage of.
  • Zero Round-Trip Time – (Also known as 0-RTT) This allows for increased server speeds for those that you previously connected to, creating a safer and more efficient interaction with sites you frequently view.

Supporting Your IT Environment

As we patiently await for this update to go into effect, why not consider your current methods for combating cyber-attacks and keeping your IT environment secure?

The IT Support Team at Brave River Solutions can assist in strengthening your current security measures through an IT assessment to prepare you against potential attacks, keeping your business information safe from harm. Give us a call at 401-828-6611 or fill out the on-page contact form to get started!


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