Brave River Offers Options for eCommerce Inventory Management

ecommerce inventory software

At Brave River Solutions, we understand that attention to detail makes a big difference in the final product. That's why along with the many features and functions that come standard with every marketing/informational website project we do, Brave River's eCommerce solutions offer additional options for customization that are both scalable and capable of integrating seamlessly with other business systems.

All sites developed on BRS Commerce are mobile-friendly, presenting a user experience that is tailored to the device that the visitor is using (from computers to tablets to smartphones). 

Your eCommerce website is an online storefront that is open for business 24/7. As products are sold, managing inventory can sometimes be a challenge. It's important to fine tune the process that occurs from the time an order is placed to when the product is actually shipped. When a customer places an order on your website, BRS Commerce can be integrated to automatically reduce inventory, eliminating the need to compare online orders to current inventory and manually enter adjustments.

Within this system, you can manage all of your orders and inventory in one centralized place. Being able to see what's in stock (and what's not) reduces the chances of having excess inventory or disappointing customers with backorders. You are better able to keep track of orders and the current status of each.

Inventory Management Capabilities

  • Keeps track of inventory availability

  • Reduce backorders

  • Manage orders coming in from multiple channels

  • Handle seasonality and fluctuations in product demand

  • Keeps data synchronized to avoid confusion

Product Management

Brave River's ecommerce websites include an easy-to-use backend panel that enables you to keep your product catalog updated. Highlights include:

  • User-defined categories

  • Multi-site product catalog

  • Related products

  • Detailed product data with attachments

Online Product Catalog

Brave River will help you create a dynamic product catalog, displaying the products on your ecommerce site in a way that engages customers and allows for easy navigation. Features of your online product catalog may include:

  • Ability to present product families and SKUs

  • Up-sell and cross-sell options

  • Multiple photos per product with zoom-in

  • Featured product designation

  • Product Videos

  • Advanced searching with attribute filters

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