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The Rhode Island web design and development company expands its internet marketing practice area by establishing a new division, Driven Internet Marketing.


Warwick, RI - October 11, 2011 - As the demand for their already popular internet marketing services continues to grow, Brave River Solutions has decided to create Driven Internet Marketing in order to better serve their clients. The new division is comprised of four main practice areas: search marketing, which includes search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising; social media marketing; content marketing; and web and mobile design, which is comprised of conversion rate optimization, design and development.

Driven Internet Marketing logoWhile Brave River has long featured these offerings, Driven will afford the opportunity to build on the company’s expertise and grow their internet marketing services. “We realized that the best way to deliver the best possible service and attention to our customers would be to expand our services and provide a dedicated internet marketing team to help our clients achieve success in their online endeavors,” said Ernie Gaines, President.

Through this expansion, search engine marketing, content marketing and link building have been added to Brave River’s already popular SEO services, allowing for fully integrated campaigns that will maximize website traffic and exposure. Driven has also made it possible for the company to expand its social media marketing services to include online reputation management and training programs on the most effective way to manage corporate identity through social media. But perhaps the most exciting element of the expansion is that it facilitates the integration of every element of online marketing.

No longer are companies forced to choose one company for their web design, one for their mobile development, one for their copywriting and another for their search marketing. Driven’s clients can rest assured that every aspect of their internet marketing is completely complementary to all other components and is managed by a group that is constantly working together to align their objectives. Brave River Solutions is proud to introduce Driven Internet Marketing and all that it has to offer. 

Driven Internet Marketing delivers strategic internet marketing solutions to B2C and B2B organizations in a variety of industries that includes manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare and ecommerce. Through their four dedicated practice areas, Driven manages and promotes businesses online, attracting new audiences and cementing loyalty among existing customers. To learn more about Driven’s internet marketing services, please visit or call us toll-free at 1-855-231-1511.

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