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Brave River’s mobile website preview tool, a free tool that lets you see what your website will look like on a mobile device, is now available online.

mobile preview toolWarwick, RI - August 15, 2012 - As internet browsing on mobile devices is becoming more and more prevalent, having a website that renders well on mobile phones and tablets is critical to a business’s online success. With the new mobile preview tool from Brave River Solutions, organizations that have not created a mobile version of their website can now get a preview of what their site will look like on both an iPhone and an Android-powered phone.

“Companies put a lot of resources into producing a great website, but they often fail to consider how that site will look when someone accesses it from a mobile device with a much smaller screen,” said Ernie Gaines, President of Brave River Solutions. “That’s why we created this free tool, so people can see what their site looks like to mobile users by accessing the mobile preview from their regular PC.”

Once the mobile preview is displayed, it becomes apparent if the site is usable from a mobile browser. Things to look out for include the size of text or images and if buttons and dropdown menus are large enough to click. “Currently, 30% of all internet access is happening exclusively from mobile phones, and that number is going up every day. Websites that aren’t mobile-friendly are losing out on a huge number of potential visitors,” says Jim McAssey, Vice President of Brave River. “As a result of this, we’ve seen a significant increase in demand for mobile websites from our clients over the past two years.”

Brave River Solutions’s mobile preview tool is completely free and can be accessed at Users simply need to enter their non-mobile website address, and the previews are instantly rendered.

So, how does your current desktop website render on mobile phones? Use the new mobile preview tool to find out.


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