Brave River Solutions Officially Releases “”

Brave River Solutions Officially Releases “”


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Brave River Solutions Develops “” Small Business Resource for Rhode Island Foundation

Warwick, RI  June 15, 2018 – In partnership with the Rhode Island Foundation, Brave River Solutions is pleased to announce the release of the RIBizBuilder website.

The purpose of is to serve the growing small business community of Rhode Island by providing a network of resources for entrepreneurs and small business owners across one comprehensive platform. The site hosts a directory of established organizations whose missions are to support and offer assistance to small businesses throughout Rhode Island.

President Jim McAssey and the Brave River team were thrilled to incorporate the most up to date technologies within this project. The RIBizBuilder site is the first to be built upon the brand new Brave River CMS platform. The website utilizes Core, the latest development technology offered by Microsoft. Brave River Solutions provided the Rhode Island Foundation with a complete final product that embraces a responsive design, adaptable to the digital trends of today.

The Foundation created the website in partnership with the Center for Women & Enterprise, Rhode Island Commerce Corporation, Rhode Island Small Business Development Center and many other partners with funding from the Foundation. The initiative supports the Foundation’s Economic Security strategic initiative.

“Whether you are an established business or a startup, or if you just have an idea, the point of RI BizBuilder is to quickly connect you with the people and entities that can help you with whatever you need, so you can move on, quickly,” said Jessica David, the Foundation’s executive vice president for strategy and community investments.

With the new CMS by Brave River, users can easily modify directories and additional pages across their website. The Brave River Web Platform also integrates Google Analytics, presenting users with real-time data of how the site is used, and how people are navigating it.

“We are so excited to be a part of this initiative being taken by the Rhode Island Foundation. The impact this site could have in providing support to the hard-working individuals trying to start a business in our state is very exciting. I also look forward to being involved in adding more elements to the site in the future that will continue to help these individuals build their business and as a result, the economy in RI.” – Rebecca Arsenault, Senior Project Manager on the project.


Brave River Solutions of Warwick, Rhode Island continues to serve as an industry leader in Business Technology Solutions. With expertise in Website Design, Application Development, IT Support, Consulting, and Marketing, Brave River Solutions provides businesses with the effective means to succeed in a competitive modern-day market.

Brave River Solutions has achieved special honors and awards throughout their 18 years in business, including some of the most recent: Expertise Best Web Designers in Providence of 2018, Top 100 Private Companies, Region’s Top IT Employers, Fastest Growing Technology Companies, amongst many others.

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