Crafting a Unique Selling Proposition

How does the content on your business’s website stand out in the crowd? What is unique or valuable about the content you’re offering to your viewers? These are important questions to consider when expanding your SEO strategy to gain your content notoriety, and creating USPs may be the answer.

What is a USP?

A USP is otherwise known as a “Unique Selling Proposition.” USPs are used to give the viewer a positive, yet decisive impression upon what your web page is all about. Tactfully crafted USPs can give your web pages an extra boost to outshine your competitors.

How do I create a USP?

Here are 6 steps to compose a selling proposition that is unique to your business’s web pages.

  1. Determine your target audience
  2. Determine the most important obstacles you can help your audience with
  3. Explain how you can offer the best solutions to these obstacles
  4. Ascertain what you plan to promise to viewers (providing the most beneficial content)
  5. Combine steps 1-4 into one cohesive paragraph
  6. Condense this paragraph into one sentence—this is your USP

How do I utilize a USP?

Creating an effective USP involves time as well as having an absolute understanding of your contents topic. Here are a few simple ways you can make your Unique Selling Proposition clear to viewers:

  • Demonstrate what each of your web pages are all about within the meta-description and page title
  • Offer a “Call-to-Action” to encourage viewers
  • Avoid the use of special characters/emojis to inflate the visibility of your content
  • Try not to get hung up on newest trends in technology – content is the most important facet

Always remember, the viewer is the most important; delivering quality, helpful information is what the viewer will always want.

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