Does Your Business Need an IT Assessment?


As we approach a new year, there’s no better time to examine your business operations and set goals for the year ahead.

  • Are your current business technologies in line with your future plans?
  • Are processes you have in place now the most effective?
  • Could your business operate with improved efficiency?

If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, you may want to consider getting an IT assessment.

IT Assessment Process

The IT assessment begins with a complete systems health check designed to uncover existing and potential performance issues, including:

  • Staff skills or certifications
  • Insufficient use of resources
  • Basic IT security issues

We then address these issues and outline how technology fits into your business now. Next, we analyze improvements that might better suit your needs, processes, and goals going forward.

Do you need to reduce operating costs, modernize software, improve customer service, or employee productivity? Our assessment is a great way to gain insight on how your IT is functioning and of the potential opportunities for profit by implementing certain technology solutions in your business. We help bring your business goals, processes, and technology into alignment.

Over time, other system problems may emerge such as:

  • Performance gaps
  • Redundancies
  • Inefficiencies
  • Unintended information silos

It can be very difficult to recognize what is and isn’t working, but the IT team Brave River Solutions can help by providing a clear overview of any system vulnerabilities.

Having Brave River conduct an IT Security Assessment will give you an accurate understanding of your organization’s security and risk posture, all while ensuring compliance with any industry regulations and implementing the best information security practices.

Looking for More Help?

Brave River Solutions can provide further IT consulting or technical support to assist in the implementation of any recommended tactical and strategic Information Technology solutions. Suspect you may be in need of an IT assessment? Getting in contact with  Brave River is the first step. Give us a call at 401-828-6611 so we can help you ensure that your business’s IT infrastructure is properly designed and protected.

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