How Sandboxing Can Help You

How Can I Strengthen My Business Computer Security Practices?

If you are an IT Admin or in the IT field, are you practicing the best computer security methods? One way to enact a higher level of security when a virus is suspected is to use the sandbox method. This method allows you to test for malware without spreading the virus to additional applications or devices throughout the network.

What’s a Sandbox?

In computer security, a sandbox is a testing environment that isolates infected applications from spreading into other environments including applications, computers, networks, and other devices.

You could utilize the sandbox approach by designating a computer that is disconnected from other applications and your network to test the file assumed to have been infected.

How does Sandboxing work?

Let’s say for example, you’ve just received an e-mail from your friend. When you open the e-mail, you realize that is infected with a virus. The virus has now affected your account and could connect with your address book, spreading itself to your contacts. The virus can also enter your computer and harm your current application or other applications.

This could then lead to an infection throughout your entire network, and potentially amongst other devices that are connected to that network as well.

By using the sandbox approach, you can isolate viruses and keep from spreading into other environments. This method of testing can help you contain malware so that your personal information and the integrity of your computer would remain clean.

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