In 2015, Website Success Depends on SEO

SEO Website Success in 2015

You’ve invested in a website for your business, so it’s critically important that potential customers can find it.  We all know that search engine listings that come up on the first three pages of results are more likely to get clicks. Obviously, having a website that only a few people find isn’t going to bring in much business. With the upsurge in mobile technology in 2015 and an increase of competition for attracting mobile users, this holds true more than ever.

What does SEO involve?

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of adjusting the structure, format, and content areas of your website according to criteria search engines use to determine how to display results.  SEO should not be done as a one-time fix, but it’s an ongoing process.  You’ll want to continuously invest efforts in this area, because your competitors will likely respond to any changes you make to outrank them, and secondly, the criteria search engines use for ranking sites is ever-changing.

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  1. Mobile Functionality: For businesses targeting audiences that are on-the-go, in 2015 your website must be mobile friendly. Mobile usage is now outperforming desktops online, which is where the majority of searches are originating from. Google now identifies websites that are mobile-friendly in its search results and those sites are given a ranking advantage as well
  2. Keyword Research: Conducting keyword research to determine which phrases included in your website content will maximize the chances of your website coming up on top for your area of business can make all the difference. Additionally, phrases should be localized to hone into the physical proximity of the area you serve. For example, if you are a bicycle shop operating in Rhode Island, it wouldn’t be beneficial to attract searchers from California.
  3. Quality Content: Quality website content is the foundation of all rankings. Word ratio is important. Among other efforts, having properly formatted URLs and sitemaps makes a difference.  A website that is well optimized delivers a better user experience, which reduces your site’s bounce rate, and encourages visitors to stick around and explore the site further.
  4. No Duplicate Content: As important as it is to know how maximize such efforts, it is also important to know what not to do. Things to avoid include duplicate content on multiple pages, having too many keywords, featuring unrelated content on a single page, and using hidden text or links, etc. which can be seen as spamming techniques.

The overall goal of all of all of this tweaking and analysis is to make your website and its content more useful and visible to search engines and searchers.

On-site and Off-site SEO

Beyond ensuring that you’ve done all you can to structure your website properly, reviewing and editing outside listings on sites such as Yelp, Google Maps, review sites  and social media  will do a lot to improve your exposure online.  Claim and optimize mentions of your business anywhere online.

Additionally, other sites that link to yours provide avenues for extra traffic.  Such links should come from high quality, trusted websites; link farm websites and other poor quality sources linking into your site can actually negatively affect your rankings.

All in all, if your website does not offer viable content, no matter how much time or money is spent on SEO, it’s wasted. Keyword analysis, link building and other SEO activities are unique, customized services that should be trusted to a professional.

Looking for more help?

At Brave River, we work closely with you to gain insight into your organization’s business environment. Our Rhode Island SEO specialists make efforts to ensure your website’s content is consistent with your company image and business objectives, all while striving to give your business a competitive edge. To learn more about our Internet marketing services, contact us today at 401-828-8911.

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