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Legacy Publishing Group, a wholesale manufacturer and retailer of stationery and gift items, needed a modern, mobile-friendly e-commerce website that could accommodate both wholesale and retail customers. The team at Legacy Publishing put their trust in Brave River Solutions to deliver a completely custom site, offering them a foundation for expanding their business and reaching new realms online.


Brave River Solutions incorporated a responsive design to build an e-commerce website that would combine Legacy’s old retail and wholesale websites seamlessly. A fresh and up-to-date version of the unique search feature that allowed for customers to easily browse for products under specifications was incorporated into the new web design for Legacy Publishing.

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Legacy Publishing Group’s new website simplifies the shopping experience overall. Wholesale and retail customers can both find exactly what they are looking for with helpful product-finding tools. The converged site also allows different types of customers to log-in to view personalized product catalogs specific to their needs.


About the Company

One of the leading stationery, greeting card, and gift manufacturers in the country, Legacy Publishing Group, Inc. got its start over 20 years ago in the small town of Clinton, MA. Legacy Publishing Group’s products are now carried in thousands of retail outlets worldwide, but the company has not forgotten its roots, maintaining their commitment to providing quality gift products at a reasonable price while treating customers like family.

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“After spending several years juggling two separate websites to address the needs of different market channels, we approached Braver River for help and they delivered a unique solution that simplified all of our business needs into one comprehensive website. Since it has gone live, we have seen a three-fold increase in sales in our Business to Consumer market and increased online purchases in our Business to Business market. Brave River continues to work with us to refine the site even further to make it as user-friendly an experience as possible.”

Timothy G. Cross, Vice President-Operations, Legacy Publishing Group, Inc.

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