MySplint Custom Fit Splints and Braces


MySplint, a company owned and operated by Life Wear Technologies, is one of the top companies in the professional-grade thermoplastic splint industry. Brave River’s task was to create a custom e-commerce CMS and website to increase brand awareness. The website was to include informative information on what make their custom fit splints better than medical-grade splints, an e-commerce cart system, and a way to inform customers what local stores carry MySplint.


Brave River Solutions designed and launched a new website for MySplint featuring a mobile-friendly, responsive website design, e-commerce functionality, information pages, and on-going search engine optimization.

Mysplint e-commerce web design


The new website for MySplint showcases a highly visual experience for all visitors to the website, whether they are on desktop devices or mobile phones. The integration the BRS e-commerce CMS makes it simple to add newly released products. The ongoing SEO has increase website traffic, increasing the brand name for MySplint.


  • .NET
  • SQL Server

About the Company

MySplint Custom Fit Splints and Braces use advanced proprietary thermoplastics to mold to your body’s unique contours for an exact, supportive fit that promotes fast, effective healing. MySplint premium thermoplastic Splints and Braces provide many of the same benefits as professional medical-grade splints at a fraction of the cost.


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