One-time Search Engine Optimization vs Ongoing SEO

So: you’ve got a new website, now everyone on the World Wide Web can find you and start utilizing your business immediately, right? Wrong.

Without a little help from our friend, Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO), it will be absolutely impossible for anyone or anything to find your site through search engines.

There are a few ways you can begin optimizing your site to be found—with an SEO Jumpstart, or through crafting an ongoing SEO plan.

Let’s outline the comparison.

SEO Jumpstart VS Ongoing SEO

So, what is an SEO Jumpstart anyways, and how does it compare to Ongoing Search Engine Optimization? 

Features SEO Jumpstart Ongoing Search Engine Optimization
Keyword Research
Content Review
Setup: Google Search Console & Analytics
On-page Optimization
Meta-Title Creation
Meta-Description Creation
Image Alt Tag Creation
Local Directory Optimization
Custom Content Writing
Google Analytics Weekly Monitoring
Monthly Rollover Optimization Hours
Monthly Analytics Reports
Monthly Performance Review Calls

In short, an SEO Jumpstart is a one-time optimization that provides you with a starting point to become found by search engines, and ultimately potential clients, customers, or audiences.

Ongoing SEO, like a Jumpstart, starts the process of online website discovery, while also adapting to SEO best practices, search engine algorithm changes, and audience preferences as they change over time.

A few pros and cons, shall we?

SEO Jumpstart

PRO – Our specialist will setup and connect your site to both Google Search Console and Google Analytics so you can begin tracking your website’s performance immediately after it goes live.

CON – With a Jumpstart, you miss out on the opportunity to expand the realm of SEO efforts beyond meta-data and on-page optimizations alone—from crafting custom blog entries that target the key topics your business focuses on to increase foot traffic to your site, or even optimizing for rich snippet search engine results to help you stand out even more on the SERP.   

PRO – Jumpstarts optimize meta-data and on-page text for each of your main webpages, including title-tags, meta-descriptions, and alt text for images if present—priming your content to be understood prior to being clicked in the SERP (search engine results page).  

On-going SEO

PRO – You’ll not only experience the benefits of a Jumpstart with ongoing SEO, but you’ll also receive personalized monthly reports and calls with our specialists to walk you through the analytics of your website, and ultimately craft plans to increase performance month-over-month. 

CON – Not necessarily a con, but some folks want to see immediate results when different SEO techniques are implemented. However, SEO is a long-term, everchanging process that takes time to perform depending on the following base of what you want to rank for and its overall competition for ranking.

PRO – Having an extended period of time with an ongoing SEO plan not only positions you for success, but grants marketing specialists the opportunity to test and see which techniques are best to streamline your business goals.

Getting Started with an SEO Specialist

With SEO, the opportunities for site discovery are endless, especially when utilizing a specialist. To experience the greatest performance, it is recommended that you spend between 9 months and 1 year with a specialist to begin seeing results. Crafting a custom website is the first step, and since you're already there  it's time to take it to the next level.

Set up a consultation at Brave River to begin your journey in search engine optimization. Whether it be through an SEO Jumpstart, or an Ongoing SEO plan, BRS will set you up for success.

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