Innovation Studio

Supporting Entrepreneurial Innovation

Innovation Studio is a Boston-based non-profit organization with a mission to help community members grow their ideas into successful small businesses. The organization offers a menu of live and virtual programs for startups, and individual business counseling options to meet applicants where they are at various stages of their entrepreneurial journeys. Innovation Studio also manages or partners with several innovation centers in the Boston area, including District Hall Boston, and Roxbury Innovation Center, that offer flexible co-working and event space.

The Challenge

As a robust hub of a startup innovation ecosystem, Innovation Studio’s website needed to have clear, intuitive pathways for their different audience groups: small business applicants at different stages of development, corporate business sponsors, volunteers, potential donors, and the business community at large.

The website also needed to display clear organization of Innovation Studio’s different small business training programs and physical meeting and event spaces located throughout the Boston area.

One specific challenge the website had to help solve had to do with Innovation Studio’s history, which had gone through many organizational changes in the prior years, including a rebranding.  

The Solution

The homepage hero section features a drop-down bar with pre-configured pathways to easily connect with Innovation Studio’s target audiences.  Through strategic use of color and icons, we created a visual program identity system that also aligned with the organization’s brand palette. 

A graphic timeline was used to illustrate Innovation Studio’s evolution since its founding in 2010 and serves as a valuable reference for the press and business community.

Since Innovation Studio is primarily an event-driven organization, a robust WordPress calendar plugin was selected that integrates with Innovation Studio’s Salesforce instance and their Eventbrite account.


Key/Notable Features

  • Interactive calendar of events that integrates with Eventbrite for event registration 
  • A quick search bar to instantly connect visitors to a pathway  
  • Easy-to-maintain, SEO-friendly CMS
  • Accessible design

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