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Located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Saint Raphael Academy sought to promote and showcase the spirit of the school through a new and improved website. The goal was to personalize the online experience, so viewers could truly understand the interconnected culture between academics, athletics, students, and alumni of St. Rays Academy.


Brave River Solutions took sincere care in redesigning their site so that it would fully express the spirit of Saint Raphael Academy. We worked to display the various themes of the academy: spiritual, fun, professional, and philanthropic. Throughout the new website we incorporated photographs of student life; from academics through pep-rallies, a clear culture was able to be expressed.

The site took on a few extra features as well, including:

  • Academy Giving and Donations Page
  • Link to Academy Student Plus Portals
  • Applicant Registry and Information
  • Live/Updated Academic Event Calendar
  • Alumni Reunion and Connection Page

Saint raphael academy patucket ri website by brave river solutions


The faculty and staff at Saint Raphael Academy were delighted with the production and redesign of their site. With crisp new imagery and an organized layout, online visitors can now navigate the site without getting lost among a cluttered format, allowing for a more thoughtful understanding of the culture and traditions of the academy.


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About the Organization

Saint Raphael Academy was founded upon the principles of Saint John Baptist de La Salle. The private academy prides itself upon having deep roots within the tradition of Jesus Christ, leading their students towards a path of religious involvement throughout life. St. Rays works to prepare their diverse student base for a dedicated life full of “learning, leadership, and service.”

Additional Services

  • PayPal Integration

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