Staying Organized with an Editorial Calendar

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As a business mindful of being competitive on the Web, you realize that putting out fresh and meaningful information online on a regular basis offers big advantages. Beyond simply “having a website,“ those who take the extra steps to spread the word about “who you are and what you do” will have greater opportunities to position your business with “top of mind” status.

Methods for Success

Some methods for gaining broader exposure on the Web include:

  • Writing a blog-posts
  • Active participation in Social Media
  • Photo Sharing
  • Creating & Sharing Videos
  • Using Press Releases
  • Posting News & Events

Establishing an Editorial Calendar will assure that various aspects of your business are highlighted in an organized fashion. With targeted planning, you will know what topics will be covered and in what avenues and formats. Determine who will be responsible for developing and approving content, and when it should go out. The calendar will serve as a road-map for your business marketing strategy going forward.

Content Goals

Create content to reach specific marketing objectives. For example, do you want to improve brand recognition, enhance your company reputation, raise awareness of new products or services, upsell related product accessories, increase customer loyalty, etc.  When it comes to creating content, some questions to ask are:

  • What are your quarterly goals?
  • Does your business have specific cycles, trends or promotions happening throughout the year?
  • What major holidays or industry-specific events could we create content around?
  • Are there specific product or services customers should be more aware of?

You’ll want to be mindful of utilizing specific keyword phrases within your marketing pieces to target your niche audiences, and set your business apart from others. Ideas for coming up with article topics can sometimes be challenging, but don’t forget that content can oftentimes be re-purposed.

Lastly, you’ll want to determine what action you want your prospects to take. Would you like them to give you their contact information, place a phone call, order a product, etc. Are your website pages crafted in such a way that is simple and clear to the user?

Looking for more help?

When trying to grow your business online, content should be developed that both engages and seeks to converts visitors. From crafting website copy to writing blog-postss or email newsletters, Brave River’s web copywriters and content marketers can take your messages to the next level. Give us a call today at 401-828-6611, or fill out the on-page form.



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