Top 5 Time-Saving Tech-Tips for Better Business

If you don’t have an in-house IT department or an ongoing relationship with a company such as Brave River Solutions, here are our top 5 time saving tech-tips to save money and increase productivity.

small buasiness computer tips to save time and money in RI, MA, CT

  1. Utilize an effective spam filter. Sorting and deleting through unwanted email wastes too much time. Automatically filtering spam reduces the chances of picking up a computer virus, and prevents the spread of malware and exposing employees to phishing scams.

  2. Upgrade old computers. Time spent waiting for an out-of-date, too-slow computer to start up and process adds up. The average computer user conducts 100-200 tasks each day. If each task takes 10 seconds longer to process, with crashes and restarting in the mix, lost minutes easily accumulate. Thirty minutes or more of productive time can be lost – minimally -- on a daily basis.

  3. Maintain your network. Patching, updating, and optimizing your server and workstations will keep things running smoothly. It’s surprising to realize how much slower even a new machine will run without proper maintenance.

  4. Document management. Scanning and storing paper documents so they can be quickly searched and located in seconds rather than minutes or hours is a HUGE time saver. It’s a greener solution too, improving document security. Since users can access critical documents remotely, it’s more convenient. Additionally, important documents won’t be lost or damaged, as is a concern with a paper trail.

  5. Business collaboration software. Disorganization costs valuable time. It makes sense for growing companies to implement software that will organize documents and projects into a single location. Using Microsoft SharePoint Server technologies, customized intranet or extranet solutions can be designed to best serve your business needs -- everything from simple web portals to sophisticated and secure systems for managing highly sensitive data. Employees as well as external business users can collaborate more effectively, with shared access to document libraries, calendars, and information. Additionally, with the use of a cloud sharing environment, such as Brave River Solutions’ File Cloud file transfer and management application, simple and secure web-based file sharing is possible from any physical location.


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