CommerceRI - Custom Development


The challenge at hand was to create a system that would assist CommerceRI in managing, capturing, and monitoring the corporation’s reportable transactions and also meet all statutory reporting requirements.


CommerceRI chose Brave River to help them develop a custom application system that would streamline one of the company’s primary task functions. In teaming up with CommerceRI, our experienced group of developers and designers sought to craft a state of the art system that would check all of the boxes on their wish list.


Our friends at CommerceRI were excited to finally have an asset management system that would allow for the company to supervise, capture, and contain a comprehensive record of their transactions in one organized location. At Brave River, the opportunities are endless when it comes to application development. Bring us your idea, and we will bring it to life just as we did for the CommerceRI team.


  • .NET Framework
  • 4.6 Entity Framework Core 2
  • .NET Core 2.0
  • C#

About the Company

CommerceRI endeavors to serve the Rhode Island business community, from non-profit organizations to private corporations. CommerceRI is the official “full-service economic development organization” for Rhode Island, promoting and contributing to establishing positive environments for businesses of all sizes to thrive in. The company offers countless opportunities and resources for businesses, including real estate searches, grants, tax credits, workforce training, and talent development.

Additional Services

  • Custom Digital Design
  • Dedicated Project Management

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