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Company C, a home furnishings company with a multi-channel wholesale distribution and retail model, was in search of a robust ERP system to maximize productivity throughout all operations, from design to retail. They called upon the team at Brave River Solutions to assist them in selecting and implementing an ERP system that would blend perfectly with the needs of the business.


Brave River Solutions assisted Company C with an ERP selection project that began with a business process review, where Brave River analyzed, assessed, and provided recommendations for improvement in the areas of warehouse processes, customer service and relations, shipping costs, and manufacturing costs.

Once the review was complete, Brave River’s software selection consultants put together a vendor-neutral RFP, interacted with vendors, and thoroughly reviewed all responses to help Company C identify and select the best ERP system to meet the demands of their business.


With the assistance of Brave River Solutions, Company C was able to select an ERP system to streamline their business operations, which allowed for them to begin moving towards adapting the best practices in production and distribution. BRS provided the team at Company C with more robust insights and information so that the company could continue to enhance its business decision making process, furthering its levels of success.

About the Company

Husband and wife team Walter and Chris Chapin founded Company C in 1994. With Chris’ passion for creating handcrafted, colorful textiles and Walter’s love of business, the two embarked on an entrepreneurial journey. They let color, design and adventure lead their inspiration and have been bringing exclusive, colorful products to life and delighting customers ever since.

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