Get Your Website Ready for 2017

Staying relevant with both website design trends and development best practices is key to online success. Now is the perfect time to make a resolution to update your company's website. So, what web design techniques are trending into the new year?

Fast, Mobile-Friendly Websites

mobile friendly websites

Providing a user with a positive mobile experience will be a major factor in whether they stay on your site. With one-third of the global population projected to use a smartphone in 2017, a mobile site is no longer optional.

But being mobile-friendly alone isn’t enough. After Google reported that 53% of mobile sites are abandoned if they don’t load within 3 seconds, web professionals immediately looked to increase mobile speeds by reducing file sizes and server requests. That means examining what ads, images, and videos might be weighing down the website and optimizing them for fast loading times.

Additionally, desktop sites that loaded in 5 seconds versus the average 19 seconds had 60% greater pageviews per visit and 35% lower bounce rates! There’s no question that designing a smooth mobile experience is vital to encouraging users to engage with your content and return to your site in the future.

Test to see if your site is ready by using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

Online Video

Consumers enjoy watching video. Because video is inherently visual, higher quality, and more difficult to produce, people trust it. Consumers understand the time, thought, and money that goes into a video and acknowledge that effort.

Video can be placed on a website or hosted on popular online networks to maximize the video’s audience. In the case of advertising videos, it was found that those on prime time broadcast TV in the U.S. could have reached 56% more 18- to 49-year-olds by also advertising on YouTube. What’s more, placing videos on a landing page can increase conversion up to 20% according to reports by EyeViewDigital and Tubular Insights.

Big Typography with Concise Text

With the internet littered with information, more and more websites are using a concise statement on their home page to convey their site’s purpose or values. A large font—not necessarily in bold— achieves this in seconds and creates a polished look that can be both memorable and informative.

Examples include: | Graphic Designer | Marie Catrib's Restaurant | Brave River Solutions

Websites are always changing to adapt to design trends and the needs of its users. In 2017, this will mean fast, mobile sites; more online video; and bold, concise typography. If you are looking for some help contact Brave River Solutions, the RI website design company that will help your company grow.

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