What Do I Look For When Hiring A Web Designer?

How to Hire a Web Designer

It’s been said time and time again—a website is essential for any individual or business looking to market themselves, have a voice, or earn credibility with professionals. With over 3.7 billion people using the internet, there is no greater 24 hour storefront for your product, service, or non-profit. But how do you find a Web Designer aligned with your vision? How can you be sure you’re hiring someone with the experience necessary to make your website user-friendly? We answered some common questions to help:

Web Designer or Web Developer?

How to hire a web designerBefore hiring anyone, it’s important to know what skills will be needed for your project. In the past, the distinction between a web designer and web developer was simple: a designer was concerned with the aesthetics of the site—what it looks like on the surface—whereas a website developer assisted with the mechanics of the site—the coding beneath it. Today, that line tends to blur more often than not. Now, there are web designers with a range of coding skills and web developers that can design a page mock-up, both using different software to achieve their goals. There’s even a term for hybrid web designers and developers: the unicorn.

A fully functional website will need the skill sets of both a designer and a developer in order to come to life—so when hiring one, consider this checklist:

  • Skills: Are you requesting a site made from scratch? Is it an existing Wordpress site that needs customization? Make sure your designer is equipped to handle the platform you want your website on. A good way to see if a designer will work well with you is to find a other websites and let them know what features of it you like and want on yours. 
  • Portfolio: Look at their past work. What industries do they know well? Do they specialize in any particular type of website? Their portfolio will reveal that much and more.  
  • Experience: Is your website going to have six pages or six hundred? Is it informational? Ecommerce? Consider the types of experience the designer has before hiring one to take on a project that could be out of their league or individual capabilities.
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