How to Make Your eCommerce Products Stand Out in Search


One of the biggest challenges for an eCommerce business owner is getting search engine traffic directly to product pages. However, this is also one of the most direct ways to drive a conversion. Someone out there is searching for a product that you have; but how do you draw them to your site?

In addition to optimizing your product pages to increase their search engine rankings, here are a few things you can to help your products stand out on the search results page.

Product Name in Page Title

The page title (sometimes referred to as the meta title) is most often the text that a search engine will display as the link to your page.  On Google's search engine results page (SERP), it's the text in the large, blue font. By clearly stating the full product name, including brand name and model number if applicable, searchers will be tipped off to what they can expect when they click through to your website. Since you can use up to 65 characters in a title tag, you can also include some descriptive text here. This way, you're getting a searcher's attention by telling them that you offer exactly what they are looking for. This is especially important to do for items without a well-known product name or specific model number.

Craft a Compelling Meta-Description

Much like the page title, your meta description may end-up appearing on the SERP. To stand-out from the rest of the search results, you've got to provide a clear reason why searchers should pick your site over your competitor's. Do you offer a guarantee on your products? An easy return policy? How about pricing: are you selling it for less? For non brand-specific merchandise, you can mention features like durability, high-quality materials, or popularity. When creating your 156-character-or-less meta description, think of what you would say when making a face-to-face sale. Anything that sets your product apart is worth mentioning.

Name Your Image Files with Keywords

Another way to stand above the competition is to take advantage of special search features, like Google's image search. Not only do some online shoppers use image search to quickly find what they're looking for, but often the top few image results are displayed prominently on "regular" SERPs. To help Google correctly identify your pictures, give the image an easy to read file name before uploading. For example, naming an image "Red_Flyer_Wagon.jpg" sends the search engines a much clearer signal that using a default upload name like "IMG200089.jpg." Bonus Tip: Use descriptive ALT tags for all your product and catalog images.

Use Product Videos

Videos, like images, are a surefire way to make sure that your listing stands out. Uploading a video to YouTube, or directly on your product page, may cause a preview to appear alongside your listing on the SERP. On a page filled purely with text links, a video is sure to stand.

Unique Product Descriptions

In retail, it's easy to just take a manufacturer's description of a product and use it as your own. Which is why so many of your competitors are probably already doing just that! If you want to stand out, you can't do the same thing everyone else is doing; get creative and come-up with your own unique description for the products in your eCommerce store.

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