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IT Inefficiencies and Small Businesses

June 26, 2019


IT complications are exponentially increasing year-over-year. Small businesses across the country are struggling because of slow computers, outdated software, inefficient IT architectures and improper security measures. And even if you have the latest hardware, your company may not be implementing the most efficient and safest IT practices. 

Small businesses take the lead with the highest frequency rate of IT failures. If larger businesses and corporations were to have IT failures at the same rate as small businesses, they would lose millions if not billions of dollars every year.  The good news is that it's not about how many people you have or how much you spend on IT.  It's about how you do IT.  At Brave River, we have extensive experience in what can go wrong and – more importantly – what can go right.  And IT can definitely be done right, even at a small business. 

Here are some statistics to show just how much IT problems can cost you: 

  • The average downtime for small businesses can cost upwards of $427.00 per minute—hurting not only your revenue, but your company's reputation. 
  • In 2016, small businesses with 50 million or less in annual revenue put the price tag of an hour-long outage at $8,600.  
  • 80% of small businesses have experienced downtime at some point in the past, with costs ranging from $82,200 to $256,000 for a single event.  
  • Average time spent by employees each week in attempting to fix PC problems is 30 minutes 
  • Average time spent on resolving an incidence of IT downtime: 200 minutes 
  • Average annual IT downtime for businesses: 14.1 hours
  • Average annual hours of staff productivity lost by a company to IT downtime: 545 hours 

There's More to IT Security Than Meets the Eye

IT security is not just a set of products, it's the proven methodologies and processes that keep you and your customers safe.

Did you know that simple things like adding a single step to your hiring process or to your checkout policy can instantly increase security for your company?

For example, before a business purchase is made, an approval is needed. Before you cut a check or authorize a credit card, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Does this technology hold sensitive information that could be stolen?
  • Is the information this technology handles updated regularly?
  • Is the information this technology handles be properly secured / encrypted?
  • Can the information this technology handles be audited? 

These are just a few questions that Brave River Solutions looks into during a security audit and consultation.

To combat the growing concern of IT failure, Brave River has created a premier IT plan that implements enterprise level technology and methodologies into your small business. Our IT plan will help your business minimize the costs and worries associated with unforeseen downtime, ultimately improving productivity.  

It's time to improve your IT security—contact us today for an affordable entry-level IT security analysis.

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