Outlook Mobile for iOS and Android Will Improve Your Productivity

Microsoft Outlook for iOS and Android gives users a dramatic productivity boost, especially for anyone who lives in their email throughout the day. The newly improved “Focused” inbox is the single most useful feature. Incoming emails are sorted and directed to the Focused inbox with minimal false positives, while all other email is delivered to a non-focused inbox.

As the name implies, the Focused box contains only your important emails – those that are likely to warrant a response – while excluding any messages that are sent as part of a bulk mailing list or may be sales-related.

Without any additional setup after the Outlook install, Brave River’s president was able to reduce the volume of email messages that he would normally have to sort through by 82% in order to identify which messages required immediate attention (of course, mileage may vary depending on email volume). According to President Ernie Gaines, “once I was comfortable that nothing had slipped through the cracks, the new Outlook on my phone allowed me to check the non-focused folder only once or twice a day.” At this point, you may be thinking that the Focused inbox is just a better junk mail filter. But as Ernie states, “it is much more than that. Believe me, Outlook for iOS and Android (a feature which is planned for Outlook 2016) will dramatically improve your email productivity because of this feature alone.“ For example, between the end of one business day to the start of the next, Ernie was able to whittle 53 total emails down to just 6 messages that he had to check while out of the office. Thanks to Outlook 2016, Ernie knew that the other, non-focused messages could wait to be read.

Ernie has been a beta tester for years, and a Microsoft 10 advocate since he began testing it in the summer of 2014. He began using Windows 10 on his production laptop about 18 months ago – significantly in advance of general release. “I started using the Outlook for iOS and Android even before Microsoft purchased the company that made the initial product. And this Operating System was the most stable beta release I have ever tested. I encourage everyone with a high-volume of business emails to take advantage of it.”

Ernie’s decision to be an early adopter for Microsoft 10 and Outlook for Android & iOS was embraced by the Brave River IT Support team. He says, “I had initially thought that IT Support may push back, as supporting a beta release in production can by challenging at times. However, it really helped Brave River prepare for production IT Support of these products!”

Get Outlook for iOS and Android loaded on your tablet or smartphone now from the Google Play or App Stores. You may need Office 365, 2013 or 2010 to use Outlook for iOS and Android; Brave River’s IT Support team can help you with this.

Currently, Ernie is on to testing the Office 2016 suite of products. In fact, this article was written with the beta release of Word Mobile. “So far, a lot closer to the traditional Word functionality and more intuitive than the previous version. I look forward to reporting back on that one soon!”

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