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What is CARe?

CARe is a HIPAA compliant web-based electronic medical records (EMR) software application specifically designed to meet the requirements of the behavioral healthcare industry.

Unlike standard EMR applications, CARe has the added functionality for organizations to build their own unique patient record set; users can create input forms, with multiple formats of data-fields, in order to build an electronic record set that accommodates their practice’s existing record system.


Why use EMR?

One of the most time-consuming, non-treatment responsibilities of a healthcare provider is managing a patient’s medical history records. 

When using paper records, care providers have to locate the physical file, read through multiple sheets in order to find the relevant information, and decipher the notes and handwriting of other treatment providers and physicians. Then the provider may also need to take new notes during treatment, record the process for transcription, hand-off to office staff for the transcription, and then proof-read the final document.

There are a lot of wasted hours during this process – both for the treatment provider and the office staff. Electronic medical records on the other hand, allow care providers to easily find and access records (it’s as simple as typing in a name), read through the record without having to interpret handwriting, and quickly document new treatment as it’s occurring. EMR software facilitates clearer records, the benefits of which include less duplication of tests and treatment and more time spent on patient care.

In addition to the savings achieved by reducing staff hours and transcription costs, electronic medical records allow you to keep an unlimited number of documents and files without having to pay for storage; all of your histories are stored securely within the EMR application.

CARe is a cost-effective way to store patient records, cut costs and ultimately, improve patient care.

The CARe Advantage

At Brave River, we understand that every practice is different and they all have their own unique requirements. That’s why we’ve built an electronic medical records application that allows you to individualize your records and tailor them to your needs. Don’t settle for a pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all EMR solution when Brave River’s CARe application can be customized to suit the exact needs of any healthcare organization.

Greater Knowledge Results in Improved Patient Care

With CARe, you’ll get comprehensive, continuous access to all information across the enterprise. Without the limitations of inadequate access management, illegibility, and physical location of records, there’s nothing holding providers back from giving their patients the time and attention that they deserve.

CARe gives providers access to a more structured and organized note system for greater clarity. Clearer notes and records can help treatment providers avoid duplicate tests, easily share information with other treating physicians/care givers, streamline the recording process, and maintain more accurate treatment histories. Thanks to CARe, providers within your organization can have instant access to critical patient information anytime, anywhere – granting them the ability to pull files instantly in times of urgent need.

The benefits of CARe are two-fold: it allows for improved patient care, and it can save money for your organization. As it’s web-based, practices don’t need a staff member to be physically present in the office in order to get information during after-hours medical emergencies, allowing healthcare organizations to reduce administrative hours. Also, with a more efficient system for recording notes, medical staff can reduce the hours spent on documentation and therefore have more time for patient appointments.

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