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 Mobile App for Chamber of Commerce

The Mobeo™ Mobile Directory is a geo-location enabled, mobile web directory app ideally suited for Chambers of Commerce. It allows Chamber members to list and promote their businesses and upcoming events, while helping community members to browse and find local businesses when on-the-go. 

How does it work?

A Mobeo directory allows users to search for nearby businesses and events, narrowing their list of options down by type of business, specialty, and/or price range. For example, a new resident looking for a local eatery could start by viewing all nearby restaurants - or narrow down their search by type of cuisine - and then view by lowest to highest price.

Using geolocation, the Mobeo Chamber directory determines the precise location for the app user and presents them with a list of all nearby businesses for their selected category, sorted in order of proximity. From there, users can view the full listing for more information or access turn-by-turn directions and a map to the location with just one click, making it easy for your members’ businesses to be found. 

How will it help my Chamber of Commerce?

  • Increase revenue.
  • Get more exposure.
  • Attract new members.

As a Chamber of Commerce, you can earn additional revenue by offering a mobile directory listing to your members. Whether included as an incentive for membership sign-up or renewal, or sold as an extra service to existing members, directory listings and ad sales can prove lucrative. Allowing members to update their listings creates on-going involvement from your members, actively engaging them with your organization.

It’ll also help your Chamber gain exposure in your community, thereby attracting new members. Since anyone with a mobile device can use the directory, you’ll be able to get your name out there in front of millions of area residents, tourists, and business owners.

How will it help Chamber members?

With most local searches originating from a mobile device, local businesses can no longer rely solely on traditional websites. A Mobeo mobile directory listing can serve as an effective alternative to an expensive mobile website, containing all the important information for a company. 

Plus, as it’s presented in an easy-to-use mobile app, a Mobeo listing has the added benefit of built-in web traffic, granting a business more exposure than a stand-alone mobile website.

Will it fit in with my Chamber's brand identity?

Once you sign-up for a Mobeo mobile directory, the team at Brave River Solutions will customize it to match your Chamber’s branding by incorporating your logo, color scheme, and even a background image.

Interested in a Mobeo mobile directory for your Chamber of Commerce? Contact us online or call us at 1.888.828.8911 to schedule a free consultation and Mobeo demo.

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