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Business Intelligence Services

Brave River offers a variety of business intelligence services to help meet your business needs.

Our business intelligence consultants will assist your team in identifying, extracting and providing the tools to analyze your organization’s operational data.

The goal of business intelligence (BI) is to arm decision-makers with accurate, timely and comprehensive enterprise-wide operational data. It is the process of extracting and transforming raw data, often from disparate applications, into meaningful and useful information.

Our business intelligence services will supply your company’s key decision-makers with the proper tools to gain strategic and operational insight into your organization, drive business improvement, and help you to stay ahead of the competition.

Report Writing

Managing your organization’s data so that it reaches the right people at the right time can be a challenge. Even when information does fall into the right hands, the greater challenge is helping people use it to make better decisions.

Brave River’s report writing and analysis solutions enable your organization to convert valuable data into shared information for insightful, timely decisions. We provide you with easy-to-use tools to create, manage, and distribute traditional or Web-based reports seamlessly throughout your organization.

Our solutions allow clients to utilize up-to-date information about their business through an array of reporting formats, including:

  • Drill-down reports that enable navigation through layers of data
  • Free-form reports that support content in a variety of layouts
  • Links to Web-based content and resources
  • Secure access to reports over remote or local server connections

Data Analysis

Brave River combines historical and real-time data to build a foundation, or “ warehouse,” of information that provides crucial business intelligence to help you become a leader in your industry. Once this data has become archived, our consultants then analyze it to help you identify patterns and target areas of improvement

Our team takes the time to become an expert on your field, products, and business goals. Just a few of the industries we have extensive experience working in include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Health care
  • Regulatory
  • Banking
  • Financial

Data Warehousing

A Data Warehouse supports time-series and trend analysis and allows key decision-makers to analyze high volumes of historical data. By utilizing a data warehouse, aggregated transactional data is presented and analyzed to assist in making high-level business decisions. Brave River's business intelligence specialists develop multi-dimensional data cubes to help you drill-down and look deeper into your company data from different perspectives. This 3D look helps you to see the “why” behind your statistics.

It will help you answer the questions:

  • Where are my sales coming from?
  • What costs do I need to improve upon?
  • Why did specific product sales drop? Increase?
  • Which distribution channels are the most effective?
  • And much more!



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