IT Assessments

Are your technical capabilities limiting your business? We analyze the current state of your technology and prepare your organization for the future. Your IT infrastructure will be properly designed to support your evolving requirements.

Improve Your IT Operational Capabilities

64% of companies increase their IT budget because of the need to upgrade outdated infrastructure

27% of companies believe that implementing digital transformation initiatives is a matter of survival

57% of companies say that leveraging key digital technologies is critical to their operations

45% of C-level managers say they don’t know where to start when it comes to creating digital transformation strategies

What Does an IT Assessment Entail?


Our IT Assessments provide you with an overall health check of your Information Technology including people, processes, and technology. The assessment will help you to identify security risks, assess hardware requirements, evaluate support procedures, review IT Governance, and evaluate IT expenditures.

Areas of Evaluation

We evaluate the elements of your mission-critical IT components. This includes the overall network security, backup and recovery processes, email security, and software license compliance. We also assess any antivirus solutions, hardware stability, cloud adoption, operating system and firmware versions, and user training.


You’ll receive a report outlining the results of our 32 step IT assessment, including a summary of the issues found, and a detailed plan to optimize your IT infrastructure. This can be a standalone assessment, or it can be the first step in having Brave River take over support as your IT Managed Services Partner.

Tools of the Trade

Server Audit
PC Audit (Sampling)
IT Governance
Software License Review
Cloud Assessment
External Penetration Test
Internal Vulnerability Scan

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