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Maximize Physical Resources with Virtualization

Brave River’s IT specialists can help you plan and execute a virtualization solution to help you realize significant cost savings and aid in disaster recovery.

Virtualization dramatically improves the efficiency and availability of resources and applications in any organization. Employing virtualization services can save 50 - 70% of overall IT costs by consolidating resources.

In addition to benefiting an organization's financial resources, our IT services help you increase energy and efficiency – helping sustain natural resources as well. Numerous companies throughout Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts have benefited from Brave River's virtualization services.

What is Virtualization?

Virtualization is a method of running multiple, independent virtual operating systems on a single physical computer. Ultimately, it maximizes your physical resources. This technology provides a means of achieving higher server density, lowering costs, reducing the amount of hardware that needs support, and minimizing downtime, as there are fewer servers to maintain.

For more information on how your company can benefit from virtualization, please call Brave River at 401.828.6611, or contact us online.

Virtualization services can help you:

Protect Your Data
Redundancy, redundancy, redundancy: it's important that data is not residing on only a single server. Each type of virtual server should be put on at least two physical servers, allowing for complete redundancy. So, when a single server fails or needs maintenance, the second server automatically and seamlessly kicks in.

Make the Move
Migration to a virtual server is quick and easy with the "physical to virtual" tools provided by Brave River's virtualization solution – there’s no need to rebuild or reconfigure.

Plan for Disasters
Virtualization images can be used to instantly recover all of your servers – essentially acting as a disaster recovery plan. Active Directories and Exchange servers can be recovered in under an hour by rebuilding the virtual server from the "physical to virtual" disk image.

Reduce Costs
Your annual hardware maintenance costs on old server based hardware will be eliminated and will likely be enough to pay for all of the new hardware - an investment that virtually pays for itself. 


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