Every business and organization relies heavily on Information Technology (IT). Your computer systems directly affect your business’s efficiency and profitability. A strategy and proper ongoing management is critical to ensuring your IT infrastructure is keeping up with your business needs and maintaining the appropriate level of security and scalability.

Brave River Solution’s CIO-To-Go service is an affordable way to have a senior-level IT professional as a member of your team. Based on your needs, our outsourced CIO can join your team in an interim capacity or as a permanent part-time member of your leadership team. We work with businesses of all sizes from various industries at all stages of business development. Our CIO-To-Go service provides unparalleled expertise when you need it.

Why Do I Need A CIO-To-Go?

…of businesses have
no formal IT strategy or roadmap.

…of companies have documented processes used to measure, manage and evolve their IT systems.

…boost in project success rate
when guided by a structured plan and managed by a senior IT executive.

Which CIO-To-GO Service Is Right For My Business?

Part-Time CIO-To-Go

Your business might not need a daily CIO-level presence. We can provide a Virtual CIO (vCIO) who will integrate with your leadership team. This consultant will interact on a regularly scheduled basis to lead initiatives and serve on committees. IT is a dynamic and mission-critical part of your business. Having an expert on retainer will provide you with the expertise you require when you need it.

Project Based CTO

Need senior-level technical advisement for a specific project? Our CIO-To-Go team can assign a Virtual CTO (vCTO) to help map out a particular technology strategy and manage internal and external resources to ensure your project is a success.

Interim CIO Assistance

Whether you're merging with another company, or unexpectedly in need of a CIO on a short-term basis, our interim CIO-To-Go service can help you manage any transition you might be facing.

Professional Audits

Similar to an accounting audit, companies often want an objective review of their IT-related processes, systems, staffing, and strategies. Our CIO-To-Go can conduct an assessment to provide you with a full review of your IT department, along with actionable suggestions for potential improvements. Whether we stay on to help implement the suggestion, or we turn over the recommendations to your internal staff, a periodic assessment / audit will set the agenda to keep your IT infrastructure efficient and secure.

Our CIO-To-Go Focus Areas

IT Governance
Project Portfolio Management
Strategic Planning & Budgeting
Process Improvement
Cloud Computing
Internal IT Staffing
Digital Transformation

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