System Integrations

With the overwhelming number of currently available business applications, many organizations are choosing to utilize a “best of breed” strategy to meet their software needs– choosing specialized programs for each aspect of their business. While this method has its benefits, it can create a fragmented workflow. Fully integrating your business's various programs and applications into one cohesive workflow will have a noticeable impact on your efficiency and accuracy.

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Top 3 Benefits Of System Integrations

Increase Accuracy

Utilizing multiple programs throughout your workflow means you run an increased risk of error. By building the bridges to allow your various systems to communicate seamlessly, you will significantly reduce the likelihood of inaccurate data entry.

Save Time

Our team will analyze your business processes to identify any inefficiencies, and recommend the integrations that will reduce manual efforts such as redundant data entry or data validation.

Increase Revenue

The bottom line is, systems integrations help your bottom line. By creating a single overall system through tight and well defined integrations, fewer errors and a more efficient workflow will be achieved.

Which System Integrations Solution Is Right For Me?

  • ERP Integrations

    Streamlined communication across an organization is key. Our Analysts and Developers will utilize state-of-the-art programming to integrate ERP solutions, and Data Warehouse applications, to ensure that your company is free of information silos.

  • Legacy System Integrations

    Many companies find themselves in a situation where their entire network is reliant on an outdated systems, but don’t want to risk a complete replacement. Our integration services will ensure that your legacy system stays up and running, reducing technical debt, while providing the functionality that’s expected from modern day programs.

  • Application Integrations

    Using different systems to manage the various aspects of your business gives you the advantage of specialization, but at the potential expense of reduced efficiencies. Our developers can integrate your various applications into a more cohesive system, helping to reduce the risk of error when moving between programs.

  • eCommerce Integrations

    We have experience handling numerous types of eCommerce integrations. Whether you need your eCommerce platform synced up to your order management and shipping systems, or you want third party apps such as tax calculators added to your checkout page, out team of developers can help.

  • Data Integrations

    If your CRM is in need of an update, don’t let the fear of a messy transition stop you. Our Business Data Analysts will ensure that all of your customer information is accurately transformed and migrated from the old system, allowing for a smooth transition.

  • Custom Integrations

    Ready to completely overhaul your system? Our team will work with you to understand your specific requirements and build you a custom system that seamlessly integrates every aspect of your workflow.

Tools of the Trade

  • Microsoft .NET
  • C#
  • HTML
  • XML
  • APIs
  • ETL
  • Middleware
  • Flat File
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