Ten Ideas for Coming Up With Meaningful Blog Topics

Featuring a blog on your website can be a great way to generate up-to-date content that will give your site a boost on search engine page results. What can sometimes be a challenge is coming up with relevant topics to write about.

Consider  your audience. What are their goals, and what difficulties do they face when it comes to achieving them? Do you offer products and/or services that can help? Your subject matter should speak to this.

First, I would suggest coming up with a few keyword phrases that potential customers might use in a search to find your business online. Writing content around these phrases can pay off by targeting your website as a valued resource for information on those topics.

Below are various approaches you may want to try to get the ball rolling:

  1. Do a mind map. Mind mapping is a technique for visualizing how topics are related to each other. Draw a chart with branches for all the main topics you cover to get an image of how each could sprout new stems.
  2. Problem solve. Suggest ways to address issues that will offer resolution, make something easier to achieve, save money, etc. Your ideas could strike a chord, encouraging social sharing of your post.
  3. Interview. Do you know of someone who takes a different approach or has met with great success? Such an interview can provide specific advice that is valuable to your audience.
  4. Post a reaction. Post your response to news and trends happening in your industry.
  5. Review. Books, products, etc. Share your opinions!
  6. Special offers and promotions.  Discuss opportunities and advantages of buying now!
  7. Comic relief. Everyone loves a good laugh. Share an entertaining video, ask for a caption, search out cartoons related to your field. People love to share these things.
  8. Create a regular feature. Tuesday's tip of the week or Friday's weekly news wrap-up can set the approach for a flow of ongoing content.
  9. Make a prediction.  Be ahead of the curve. Share what you think will happen in the future as technology evolves in your field.
  10. Repurpose past content. Dig up old documents, print ads, brochures, etc. Bring that information up to date with a fresh take on those topics.

A blog is an effective method of building credibility and positioning your company as a go-to authority. Starting a blog is easy.  However, your posts need to be frequent enough to build a following, so keep those ideas flowing!To learn more about our Corporate Blogging Services and how we can help you to meet your business objectives, request a free consultation.

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