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Vlogging Can Help Your Business in the Digital Age

Vlogger Behind the Camera

Having fresh and updated content on your website is one of the best ways to obtain top ranking on search engine page results. Beyond the written word and accompanying images, video blogging offers more versatility as a communication tool and can be a highly effective method of attracting and building a following online.

Video Blogging

Video blogging (also known as vlogging) is personal in nature. People connect to human faces, and with video, you can more readily convey tone and emotion. Establishing a human connection goes a long way towards building trustworthiness. When it comes to moving forward with purchasing decisions, followers who haven't conducted business with you yet will have gained an elevated comfortable level.  For existing customers, your brand is more likely to be top of mind.

Video clips can be educational, informative, or entertaining.  Beyond utilizing video on your business website, short clips can be assets when it comes to posting on social media platforms. There, you have an opportunity to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Here are a few tips on how to maximize your video blogging efforts with quality page content that will help you to build a following online, as well as enhance your website's SEO (search engine optimization).

  • Differentiate Your Business: whether it's through the use of interesting visuals or presenting products or information in an unexpected way, you have a chance to make an impact. By standing out, you also increase the likeliness of your content being shared.
  • Make Eye Contact: To better connect with your audience when speaking to the camera, be animated and make eye contact -- as though the person you are addressing is standing right in front of you.
  • Use a Microphone: Be aware of background noise, and for better clarity of sound, use a microphone.
  • Choose the Right Setting: Clear out any unnecessary visual elements that could be distracting, such as a cat sitting on a nearby shelf or a clock with a swing pendulum. You don't want items in the background to blur the effectiveness of your message.
  • Outline Benefits: Clearly outline the benefits of your topic points, and use a call to action near the end of your segment. Make it obvious to the viewer what you would like them to do next, such as, "Like us on Facebook.", "Go to our sweet deals page online.", "Use this special promo code to make your purchase.", etc.
  • Be Concise: Especially in social media, people today have short attention spans. If you don't want to lose your audience, keep the duration of your video under 5 minutes in length -- ideally under 2-3 minutes.
  • Ask for Critique: You can gain a lot of insight through another point of view.
  • Include a Synopsis: When placing your video online, be sure to include a written synopsis of the main points covered wherever it is posted. Search engines can't help to direct traffic your way unless they are able to catalog the content -- and while they can detect text -- they don't watch videos.

Looking for more help?

Creative video blogging for business can give your website a sure boost over the competition. It can be a powerful tool for spreading awareness that could take your blog and your business to the next level. While having great web content is certainly crucial to any company's success, how you market that content can be just as important. That's where we come in. Our web content developers & marketers can help you to plan, create, and promote online content that engages readers and moves them to action. Call us today at 855-231-1511.

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