Equifax Data Leak Could Involve 143 Million Consumers

Every day we hear about companies being hacked and having information leaked, but this one was not normal. This is not a hacked twitter account story or a movie being leaked. Equifax, a credit reporting service that contains everyone’s social security numbers, addresses, and in some cases driver license numbers, had a data leak incident. In the wrong hands this information can destroy your credit score and cost you everything you have.  This leak is nothing but worrisome because of the highly sensitive information that Equifax holds.

Equifax reports that the leak was discovered on July 29th and immediately took action to stop the intrusion. They went on to hire a cybersecurity firm to determine the extent on the intrusion. It is still not clear how the intruders entered the system or what was taken. 

Was My Personal Information Stolen?

The company set up a website, www.equifaxsecurity2017.com, for people to verify if their data was stolen and to what extent. As with any security breach, you will be given free credit file monitoring and identify theft protection. This monitoring package will show you when new bank accounts are opened, credit cards are activated, and unusual purchases are made. It is a great system that everyone should use especially with more leaks happening every day.

 If you are concerned about whether the data within your company network is properly protected, contact our IT Services team today. Brave River can conduct a network security assessment, identify any issues, and help with any necessary technology remediation.

Source: Equifax Security

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