Brave River Solutions


Who We Are

Brave River Solutions is a Rhode Island-based web design, development, IT services, and consulting firm

Established in 2000, Brave River enhances productivity and efficiency by creating state-of-the-art business technology solutions. Our industry partnerships allow us to offer our clients a wide range of the latest technology solutions, including custom programming and application development, ERP and back-office application integration, intranet/extranet portal development, and complete e-Commerce functionality.

What We Do

Brave River’s services fall into four main practice areas:


eBusiness Solutions
enhancing your brand’s presence on the web


IT Services
support to help optimize your technology investments


Consulting Services
driving results through innovative business solutions


Internet Marketing
driving results through innovative business solutions

We take a results-focused approach to all our services; our project managers meet with clients to discuss and establish their specific goals before building a plan to best meet them. Whether you’re looking for a custom programmed application to streamline your manufacturing process or an e-commerce website to sell your products and boost your company’s reputation, our project managers and team of business technology experts will use your strategic goals to guide the project’s development. Once the development is complete, Brave River offers a variety of support options in order to ensure your project’s lasting success.

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The Story Of Our Name

Brave River Solutions was not named for a specific river, as we are often asked. Rather, a famous western novelist coined the term in a tale of perseverance and exploration.

The novel told of the ranchers’ journey to drive their cattle to market. The often-perilous route contained many obstacles and dangerous rivers to cross, leaving the ranchers with a difficult decision; should they travel further downstream to try and find a safer route or should they take the much faster path of crossing the rivers, risking hurt cattle in the process? Fortunately for the cattle drivers, local guides, who referred to the dangerous crossings as the “brave rivers,” were available to help. With the assistance of a guide, the ranchers were able to cross the brave rivers safely and get to market quicker.

With a little guidance from Brave River Solutions, you too can get your product to market quickly.


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