Google’s Mobile Ranking Update is Here!


On April 21, 2015, Google made a change to their ranking algorithm that is one of the biggest updates in recent search history.

What Is It?

Google updated its mobile search algorithm, which determines where your website ranks in the search results. Starting April 21, sites that are not “Mobile-Friendly” may drop in the mobile search rankings.

Where your site appears in the results for a Google search is determined by Google’s ranking algorithm. Google make periodic updates and changes to its algorithm in order to improve the search experience.

Mobile Friendly View

The latest worldwide update, the Mobile-Friendly Algorithm, will affect all searches done from a mobile device. Google will assess each webpage and determine whether or not it is “mobile-friendly,” or easily viewed on a mobile phone. Those that pass the test will see an improvement in their mobile search rankings; those that fail will be dropped from the results.

While the update was rolled-out on the 21st, it may take a few days – or even a week – for the full results of the update to be enacted.

How Will This Affect Me?

All websites without a mobile-friendly or responsive design will be affected. With more than 60% of all Google searches taking place on a mobile device, it is crucial that your website can be found in the results.

You’ve worked hard to secure your spot in the search engine rankings. It’s now essential to ensure that you don’t lose any ground.

Not sure if your site will be affected? Test it out using Google’s Mobile Friendly Test Tool.

As 85% of consumers consider their mobile device to be essential for daily life, having a mobile-friendly website is critical for businesses hoping to connect with new customers.

If your site was built with responsive design, or if you have a separate mobile version of your desktop site, you’re already prepared for ‘Mobilegeddon.’

The major factors that determine a site’s mobile-friendliness are:

  • Text that can be read without requiring any pinching or zooming
  • Links that are spaced far enough apart for finger-tapping
  • Mobile viewport settings
  • Content that fits a mobile screen (No need to scroll left-to-right)

If your site’s webpages are not mobile-friendly, this update will make it so that searchers won’t see your site when they search from their smartphones. Which may mean that you lose a sale to your mobile site-having competitor.

What Happens Next?

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