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The Rhode Island Foundation dreamt of providing a platform that could help small businesses thrive—a platform that would bring businesses across the state together with the goal of helping one another. The Foundation sought to bring this dream to life to not only help get businesses off their feet, but assist them as they work to contribute to the local economy, and ultimately achieve success.


After an in-depth ideation process, Brave River Solutions teamed up with the Rhode Island Foundation to make their dream come true. Incorporating only the latest technologies across the newly completed Brave River CMS, a website to help small businesses and organizations prosper would soon be born. The website called for the following main components:

  • Directory of established businesses open to assisting others
  • Ability to contact each business listing directly
  • Guidance provided to Spanish speakers with translated content
  • Ability to search through business listings either by keyword or by choosing any number of selections within a list of Industries Served, Stage of Business, or Type of Assistance needed

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After careful consideration of the necessary attributes, Brave River worked hard to create a website that would exceed the expectations of the Rhode Island Foundation. BRS produced a clean, user-friendly platform for businesses to explore various types of assistance within any industry— The site is a symbol of opportunity, offering encouragement for the state of Rhode Island as it continues to grow the local economy and create new chances for success. Thrilled with the final product, the RI Foundation held a release ceremony in honor of the new beginnings this site will create.


  • MVC / .NET Core
  • HTML 5
  • Javascript
  • SQL Server

About the Organization

The Rhode Island Foundation was founded back in 1916, and has since been providing countless opportunities for individuals throughout the state of Rhode Island. The Foundation has deep philanthropic roots and continues to serve Rhode Island in encouraging growth throughout the community, as one of the most prominent non-profits in the nation. The RI Foundations works to uphold their mission to lead, transform, and inspire by offering grants, community programs, and additional resources such as the RIBizBuilder website to aid our local businesses and neighbors throughout Rhode Island.

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