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What is Software Selection?

The Brave River Solutions software selection methodology is a focused program that helps decision makers in your company envision ways to take advantage of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). From requirements definition to creation of the RFP to contract negotiation with the vendor, BRS will guide you through each step of the software selection process, and may continue offering support into the implementation as well.

Together we will answer such questions as:

  • Which software product best suits by business?
  • Who is the implementation team?
  • Will the company's product keep pace with technology?
  • What is the company's cloud strategy?
  • How do I get started?

Our Software Selection Process

System Selection Committee Formation
Successful system implementations require involvement and support from users. User participation will not only result in better decision making, it will also generate a sense of ownership and commitment to the success of your project. These individuals will typically continue as members of your implementation team. 

Business Process Review & Requirements Definition
Determine your needs prior to contacting vendors. Your new system should automate and/or support the way you would like to do things in the future. The Business Process Review (BPR) is designed to help you better meet your organization’s strategic goals and objectives by streamlining operations and eliminating process inefficiencies. 

  • Identify "as-is" business processes
  • Implement lean processes
  • Identify "to-be" business model
  • Improve RIO

Identify Vendors
Based on the information gathered during the Requirements Definition phase, we will create an RFP or RFI and distribute it to 4-6 vendors. A standard grading system and methodology for gathering qualitative data will be used to evaluate each vendor and allow for group evaluations based on consistent criteria. Final presentations from 2 vendors will be scheduled after the evaluation process is complete.

Reference Checking
This is a critical step in a well-informed system selection. At least one visit to the reference company is required. A list of criteria will be established to cover with each reference, such as:

  • Service
  • Support
  • Performance Against Schedules
  • Budget

Vendor Review
To evaluate a vendor as a long-term partner and ensure the product will meet your needs, BRS creates scripted demos, uses scorecards to evaluate objective data, and meets with the selection team to evaluate subjective data. A corporate visit to the software company is also required.

Contract Negotiations
Software contracts are different and complex. Our team has experience evaluating contracts and software proposals as a precursor to a full legal review.

After the Selection
Brave River is prepared to continue into the implementation project in a variety of roles, including:

  • Internal Project Manager
  • Project Advisor / Project Director
  • Technical Assistance


Just some of our software selection options:
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