All New Web Customers Will Now Be HTTPS Secure

Free https certificates for all new websitesHappy New Year from everyone at Brave River Solutions! We are delighted to inform you that going forward, all future clients receiving a new or updated web design will be automatically have an HTTPS certificate integrated into their site. HTTPS/SSL certification is critical as the online business world continues to grow in popularity.

Security is the most important factor when building something online today including your website, web portals, and web apps. More and more hackers are exploiting vulnerabilities in our every day technology and stealing personal information, or even scarier our customers’ information.

It has become so important that the biggest brands online are not only becoming HTTPS compliant, but also pushing their users to migrate their websites to a more secure protocol like you see in Google Chrome and how they mark websites as “not safe”.

This is why it is our mission to move all existing and future clients to HTTPS. We have sent multiple messages along with our blog-posts post on why to switch to HTTPS to inform and educate our customer. Going forward all new clients will automatically get a HTTPS certificate and integration for their website.

What is HTTPS?

The “s” in HTTPS stands for “secure.” This certification secures the transfer of confidential data or information through webpages. HTTPS is most commonly used in securing data from submission forms, e-commerce transactions, general personal data, and log-in information. Users can be assured when browsing that websites are secure and trustworthy when they see “HTTPS” and a “green lock” beside the domain.

Why should I have HTTPS?

When purchasing a product online, your customers are more than likely using a credit or debit card to carry out the transaction. This information is extremely sought after by outside hackers. Confidential data could potentially be obtained and misused if the proper measures for security are not taken. Implementing HTTPS into your website not only builds security, but trust with your customers.

Google is also now making it a requirement for webpages to be SSL certified, otherwise, users will be warned before entering your site that is it “unsecure” when using Chrome or Firefox. Having an unsecure website can hurt your online performance if users feel that it cannot be trusted, as their personal information could be compromised upon entering. Also, Google has added HTTPS security as a part of their search engine algorithm, meaning if your website is not secure your search engine rankings are likely to drop.

This is why HTTPS Certification is a key component of our custom Web Design packages; clients can enjoy this service free of charge. Users will feel comfortable engaging and/or making transactions on your site, in addition to feeling a sense of trust in your business. What are you waiting for? Call us up at 1-401-828-6611 and let’s get started on your new website today!

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