Business Process & System Reviews

A periodic review of Systems and Processes can be an important part of a company’s strategic plan and budgeting efforts. Our objective is to help evaluate and document existing processes and systems (“as is” state), identify gaps or areas of potential improvement, find opportunities to reduce costs or increase efficiency, and ultimately define a new (“to be” state) to meet your business goals.

Why Do I Need A Business Process & Systems Review?

96% of companies have some kind of documented process

4% of companies evaluate and improve their documented processes

Project success rates increase by 70% when driven by a formal business process review

The Brave River Blueprint


Our team will take the time to learn your business top to bottom, both through observation and employee interviews. This process will build on any Operating Procedures or other documentation that exists as we define the “As Is” state. We will take note of your current processes and data flow, as well as your company’s technological ecosystem. This allows us to identify your critical success factors (CSFs) and provide you with an accurate and objective analysis of all aspects of the overall systems including people, processes, and technology.


Organizations often don’t have a good sense of the efficiency / health of their systems and processes - which is why they undertake a Business Process & System Review. After the initial evaluation, we conduct a preliminary presentation to company executives. This preview of findings is a collaborative effort to help us build out a strategy that combines the internal expectations and thoughts with our fresh / objective findings. Depending on the similarities, we might conduct further evaluation or continue into finalizing our findings and recommendations.

Deliverables & Implementation

The end goal is to define a new / improved “To Be” state for your systems and processes. Depending on the volume of gaps, inefficiencies or challenges, the specific recommendations can range significantly. Occasionally, we will identify targeted initiatives to improve current processes or systems. At the other end of the spectrum, our findings may lead towards a recommendation of a software selection project. We provide a prioritized list of opportunities or challenges, whether they are related to process and/or technology. Each recommendation will be detailed and actionable.

Our job doesn’t necessarily end once we make our recommendations. Clients may ask us to continue with the implementation of process improvements and/or technology solutions. Unlike some firms who provide recommendations, but do not get involved in delivery, The Brave River team is well versed in Project Management and systems implementations. Whether all changes are rolled out at once or in a phased approach, we welcome the opportunity to help implement the recommended changes and see the benefits that they will bring to your company.

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