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Research indicates that nearly 80% of all first visits to a website originate at a search engine.

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The success of your company’s website depends on its ability to achieve a competitive position within the major search engines. Brave River is a Rhode Island SEO agency located that offers both traditional search engine optimization and local SEO consulting services to drive visitors to your website.

Brave River provides our SEO clients with monthly reports of visitor traffic and search engine positioning results to evaluate the effectiveness of your optimization services. We are always on the lookout for the latest algorithms trends among search engines and will provide recommendations for additional plans and services to further strengthen your online presence. Drive traffic to your website by increasing your search engine visibility & achieving top rankings through SEO consulting services.

Brave River’s search engine optimization / SEO services can help you achieve ranking results that generate search engine traffic.


Our search engine optimization services include:

  • Personal Project Manager
  • Initial SEO review
  • Keyword research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Development of keyword-rich title and meta tags
  • SEO review of page content
  • SEO copywriting
  • URL structure review
  • Review and optimization of site structure
  • Recommendations for search engine-friendly navigation
  • Sitemap generation and submission to the major search engines
  • Regular monitoring of traffic and organic rankings
  • Monthly status reports
  • Link building
  • Search engine optimized web design
  • Local search optimization
  • Ecommerce SEO

The Internet is an intensely competitive marketplace, and the playing field is constantly changing. A website that’s been well optimized for the search engines has a measurable advantage. In order to come out on top, you’ll need an understanding of the latest changes to the search engines’ ranking algorithms and a solid SEO strategy. The search engine optimization specialists of Brave River Internet Marketing develop a customized SEO strategy for every client. The best SEO strategy for your website will depend on your company’s industry and the level of competition in your field; Brave River approaches every site as a unique case. Plus, we stay current on all the search engine news so that we’re prepared to react to whatever ranking changes may occur.

Unlike other SEO companies, Brave River has the unique ability to leverage all aspects of internet marketing to enhance your SEO strategy. Rather than simply making suggestions for content or web design improvement, our search engine optimization specialists work closely with our in-house Rhode Island SEO copywriters and web developers to make site-wide optimization possible.

SEO Services:


Initial SEO review

In order to identify optimization opportunities, Brave River’s SEO business team performs an initial review and analysis of your current search engine optimization level, including a review of your traffic reports and organic search engine rankings.

Keyword research

All of our search engine optimization (SEO) business packages begin with identifying the most effective and relevant keywords for your site. We start by uncovering the keywords that consumers are most likely use when searching for your products/services. We then determine which of these relevant terms and phrases will drive the most traffic and give you the highest return. This research then forms the basis of all subsequent phases of the SEO process.

Competitive analysis

We identify your strongest online competitors and perform a thorough review of their search engine optimization techniques. By analyzing their SEO efforts and establishing their strengths and weaknesses, we can uncover optimization opportunities for your site.
Development of keyword-rich title and meta tags.

Using the words and phrases identified in the keyword research phase, Brave River’s SEO consultants will craft effective and keyword-rich page titles, descriptions, and alt image tags in order to boost each pages’ search engine visibility.

SEO review of page content

We’ll review and optimize your existing site content for the search engines by improving keyword use and density, leveraging headline tags, creating internal linking with effective anchor text, and enhance readability through formatting.

SEO copywriting

Well-optimized and keyword rich content is critical to your website’s success. If your existing site content is not meeting your objectives, Brave River’s SEO copywriters and content developers can create web page content that appeals not only to site visitors but to search engines as well. Ensuring that your content clearly communicates the subject of your web page and contains the keywords uncovered by our keyword research is key to boosting your organic search engine optimization.

URL structure review

At Brave River, we understand the importance of search engine friendly URLs. We’ll review the URLs for each page to check for search engine “crawl-ability” and keyword inclusion. We’ll also implement URL rewriting where necessary.

Review and optimization of site structure

Proper site structure helps to ensure that search engine bots can crawl and index the pages of your site. We’ll review your site’s existing architecture and change (or recommend that your webmaster changes) the site structure to increase the accessibility of your web pages.
Recommendations for search engine friendly navigation
Subsequent to the site structure review, our company’s team of search engine optimizers (SEOs) will provide easily implemented suggestions for improvement to your site’s navigation. A well-planned navigational structure encourages the search engines to index more of your site’s pages than sloppy, poorly organized navigation.

Sitemap generation and submission to the major search engines

Once your company’s website is structured correctly, our SEOs generate a sitemap and manually submit it to the major search engines.
Regular monitoring of traffic and organic rankings
Brave River’s SEO team regularly monitors your website’s performance (both in terms of traffic and organic search engine rankings) in order to measure the success of the SEO campaign and target areas for improvement. Regular monitoring is crucial to achieving and maintaining top search engine positions.

Monthly status reports

We provide all SEO clients with monthly status reports to benchmark search engine optimization levels and measure the campaign’s effectiveness. A monthly meeting accompanies each report.

Local Search Optimization

Most companies sell their products or services in areas nearby their locations. Brave River understands this and utilizes the techniques necessary to be sure that local customers can find your company while searching on the web. Brave River also helps national companies to increase their sales in major geographic areas where these companies have no local presence. Local Search Optimization is a growing trend, and Brave River will keep-up with the ever-changing algorithms for local search.

Schema and Rich Snippets Enhancements

How a search engine interprets the context of a query will determine the quality of a search result. Schema can provide context to an otherwise ambiguous web page. As voice search gains market share and Google’s algorithm, RankBrain, becomes more influential in Google’s core search algorithm, the need to put a web page in context is increasingly important to improve SEO results.

SEO Friendly Applications

Our own in-house custom built CMS was built with SEO in mind. Everything is completely customizable down to the URL and image alts. Brave River also builds web applications such as Accelerate Mobile Pages, (AMP), Progressive Web Apps (PWS), and mobile responsive designed sites, with the impending mobile-first index in mind.



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